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College of Science and Engineering

College of Science and Engineerin

Fostering the creativity and technical capabilities
required for contribution to society

Our College of Science and Engineering was reorganized to cover all the scientific and engineering fields, which have become increasingly specialized and interdisciplinary. You will study the basics of a wide variety of fields in the six schools, and then acquire professional expertise and technologies in one of our courses that best suits your interests. We train professional scientists who promote science and technology with a sense of responsibility for future generations and the global environment.

Schools & Courses

School of Mathematics and Physics Mathematics Course
Physics Course
Computational Science Course
School of Chemistry Chemistry Course
Applied Chemistry Course
School of Mechanical Engineering Advanced Mechanical Engineering Course
Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course
Human and Mechanical Systems Engineering Course
Energy and Environmental Engineering Course
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course
Information and Systems Engineering Course
Bioinformatics Course
School of Environmental Design Civil Engineering Course
Environment and Disaster Prevention Course
Urban and Transportation Design Course
School of Natural System Biology Course
Bioengineering Course
Chemical and Material Engineering Course
Earth Science Course


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