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College of Human and Social Sciences

College of Human and Social Sciences

Extensive research of human society
through interdisciplinary approaches

This is a new type of college that offers courses about people and society in view of solving the serious problems of the 21st century. The six schools of the College of Human and Social Sciences provide students with occasions for extensive, in-depth study through interdisciplinary approaches. We aim to train people of intellect and action who will be able to cope with various problems faced by today's society.

Schools & Courses

School of Humanities Course of Psychology
Course of Human Sciences
Course of Field Study of Cultures
Course of History
Course of Linguistics and Literature
School of Law The Course of Public Law and Policy Studies
The Course of Business Law Studies
The Course of Advanced Legal Studies
School of Economics Economic Theory and Policy Course
Business Administration and Information Course
Comparative Studies of Social and Economic Systems Course
School of Teacher Education Course in Educational Science
Course in Curriculum Studies
School of Regional Development Studies Welfare Management Course
Environmental Coexistence Course
Regional Planning Course
Health and Sport Science Course
School of International Studies Global Studies Course
Japanese Studies Course
Asian Studies Course
American-British Studies Course
European Studies Course


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