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More Freely, More Deeply.
"3 Colleges and 16 Faculties"

From April 2008, the previous academic structure of 8 faculties and 25 colleges have been reorganized and integrated into 3 colleges and 16 faculties in order to foster the superior human resources required by society and develop new academic areas for our age. It is possible to go on from each college to graduate school where high level education and research can be conducted in respective academic areas. Kanazawa University is fostering the human resources who can contribute to the development of science in the world.

You can learn what you want to learn

  • Students enter into a framework in which they learn within "learning areas" which are larger than the current faculty and department structure. They learn the basics there and then can look for themes that they really want to learn.
  • Students select specializations in "College of Human and Social Sciences" and "College of Science and Engineering" in their second year. Specialization in the "School of Pharmacy" and "School of Pharmaceutical Sciences" are selected in the latter half of the third year and therefore while studying core subjects, the students can select their own path at their leisure.
  • Kanazawa University has centralized the necessary minimum number of subjects which are "Core curriculum" for respective study areas, course and majors and prepared "majors" and "sub majors" as the core of studies. In this manner, the student can experience broad or interdisciplinary studies in this system.
  • Career education starts from the first year. Programs to assist in the acquisition of qualifications and licenses are prepared for students to learn in a socially aware environment.


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