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Campus Life

This is your guide to fully enjoying campus life at Kanazawa University. It introduces the attractions of learning in the creative and cultural city of Kanazawa, provides information on the city and living information (housing and part-time jobs), and also introduces Kanazawa University’s substantial system for student and employment support, and the campus facilities.

Campus Life Guidebook

  • What Makes Kanazawa Special?(page2)
  • You can see why we recommend Kanazawa!(page4)
  • Kanazawa-City Map(page6)
  • Campus Town Topics(page8)
  • Our Campus Life(page10)
  • Outline of Kanazawa University(page12)
  • Graduate Admissions(page14)
  • International Student Center(page16)
  • Campus Topics / Wanna know more about Kanazawa University(page18)
  • On-campus stores make life convenient!(page20)
  • Support for International Students(page22)
  • A full life outside of school(page24)
  • Financial Matters(page26)
  • Global Access(page28)


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