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International Student Support

Kanazawa University provides international students with a variety of support so that they can pursue their studies with a sense of reassurance.

Advising and Couseling

When students encounter problems in their studies, classes, private life, or any other areas, they should feel free to consult their academic advisor, tutor, international student advisor, counselor, student affairs section or related divisions.

  • Health Service Center (Japanese/English)

    Administration Building 1F

    Tel:(076)264-5255 hokekan@kenroku.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

    • Ms. Yumi Adachi (Associate Professor/Licensed Public Psychologist)
  • Consulting Room "YORUMASSHI" (Japanese)

    Location: General Education Lecture Hall 2F, Room 251

    Tel: (076)264-5930 nandemo@adm.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

  • International Student Advisors (Japanese/English)
    • Ms. Connie MINAMI (Organization of Global Affairs / Associate Professor)

      Location: General Education Hall 1 305, Kakuma Campus

      Tel: (076)264-5781 connie.minami@staff.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

      • Ms. Etsuko MIYAZAKI (Institute of Human and Social Sciences / Assistant)

        Location: Human and Social Science Hall 2, 466, Kakuma Campus

        Tel: (076)264-5442 miyaetsu@staff.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

      • Ms. Yumi KISHIDA (Institute of Science and Engineering / Associate Professor)

        Location: Natural Science and Technology Main Hall 3F, Kakuma Campus International Student Advisor's Office

        Tel: (076)234-4936 kishida@se.kanazawa-u.ac.jp wic@se.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

      • Mr. Michihiro MIEDA (Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences/Professor)

        Consultation with him available only to students of Division of Medical Science, Graduate School of Medical Science

        Location : Department of Integrative Neurophysiology, 4th floor, E building, Takaramachi-Campus

        Tel: (076)265-2170 mieda@med.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

      • Mr. Kohyuki HIRAYASU (Advanced Preventive Medical Sciences Research Center/Associate Professor)

        Consultation with him available only to students of Graduate School of Advanced Preventive Medical Sciences

        Location : School of Medicine Hall D, 2F (Department of Immunology), Takaramachi-Campus

        Tel: (076)265-2727 hirayasu@med.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

      • Mr. Akira OTA (Organization of Global Affairs / Professor)

        Location: General Education Hall 1 303, Kakuma Campus

        Tel: (076)264-5807 akirao@staff.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

      • Mr. BITTMANN HEIKO (Organization of Global Affairs / Professor)

        Location: General Education Hall 1 316, Kakuma Campus

        Tel: (076)264-5780 bittmann@staff.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

      • Ms. Yun XUE (Organization of Global Affairs / Assistant Professor)

        Language: Chinese, Japanese and English

        Location: Administration Build 3F International Relations Department, Kakuma Campus

        Tel: (076)264-5130 claraxue@staff.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

Tutor System

Tutors are Japanese students who offer many kinds of support to international students including in their studies, daily life, and interpersonal relationships. For studies, they provide assistance in the Japanese language and help prepare materials for submission. For assistance in daily life, tutors provide basic information on living in Japan such as giving advice on how to pay electricity, gas, and water bills. Tutors also help international students to communicate smoothly with other Japanese students or academic advisors, facilitating interpersonal relations.

Tutor System

Japanese Language and Culture Program (Kanazawa University Organization of Global Affairs)

The Kanazawa University Organization of Global Affairs conducts a program on Japanese language and culture. It also supports international students by giving advice on life in Japan. The "Ishikawa Kanazawa Studies," which is a highly popular course among students wishing to learn about Japanese culture, is a hand-on study of culture.

Japanese Language and Culture Program (Kanazawa University International Student Center)

Health Care (Kanazawa University Health Service Center)

Health Care (Kanazawa University Health Service Center)

The Health Service Center treats emergency illnesses and injuries and introduces patients to medical institutions, conducts regular health check-ups, and also provides counseling on general health care as well as mental health. To ensure the ongoing health of international students, counseling is also held once a week for international students where they can discuss their fears or concerns on health issues with a physician and receive advice. All information is, of course, is kept strictly confidential. The counseling hours are as follows. Please feel free to come in for a talk.

Counseling Hours
Hours 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., every Tuesday from April to July and from October to mid March
Place Health Service Center (Telephone: 076-264-5255)

Employment Support (Employment Support Office/Employment Promotion Program for International Students)

The Employment Support Office is always available to discuss anything related to employment-seeking activities and offers detailed support from checking job entry sheets to holding mock interviews. Information is also available on civil servant/teacher examinations and internships, as well as sessions with recruiting companies held on campus. And Kanazawa University offers a special curriculum for degree-students who wish to work in Japan after graduation or completion of their studies. The program named “Hokuriku-Shinshu Employment Promotion Program for International Students” supports them in seeking employment at a Japanese company from their entrance.

Employment Support (Employment Support Office)Employment Support (Employment Support Office)


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