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The Kanazawa University Co-op (Kanazawa University Student Co-operative Union) handles a large number of tenements such as apartments and condominiums, and introduces the students to such housing facilities. It has ties to almost all of the real estate agencies located around the university, making it very convenient when you are looking for a place to live. For international students who have decided to come to Kanazawa University, the university will also offer support such as looking for a place for them to live and helping in the procedures necessary to sign the lease.

Average rent in Kanazawa

Compared to large metropolises such as Tokyo or Kyoto, apartments can be leased for more reasonable fees in Kanazawa. The average size and rent for rooms in major Japanese cities are as follows.

City Average Rent Room Size
Kanazawa 46,000yen 8.8-jo (approx. 14.30 square meters)
Tokyo 55,000yen 7.7-jo (approx. 12.50 square meters)
Kyoto 55,000yen 8.4-jo (approx. 13.65 square meters)
Osaka 53,000yen 8.2-jo (approx. 13.32 square meters)

* Common services charge is not included
* Electricity, gas, and water fees are not included
* Figures based on a 2008 survey on consumer lifestyles of university students conducted by the University Student Co-op.

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Introduction to Housing Around Kanazawa University

The following types of housing are available for international students.

Condominiums and Apartments

Almost all international students live in private apartment houses. The rent differs according to the location and the size of the room. You should be aware that in almost all cases, you will have to pay a deposit (shiki-kin) and key money (rei-kin) when moving in, making it necessary to have a substantial amount of money on hand in the beginning.


Kanazawa University International House (KOKURYU KAIKAN)

This is located on the Kakuma Campus, and is available for use by new incoming international students.

  • Number of rooms: 63
  • Occupancy: Single use

  • Detailed Information →


Annex of Kanazawa University International House (ANNEX)

This is located 30 - 40 minutes by busKakuma Campus, and is available for use by male international students.

  • Number of rooms: 10
  • Occupancy: Single use, male anly
  • Other terms are according to Kanazawa University International House

  • Detailed Information →


Kanazawa University Student/International Student Dormitory "SAKIGAKE"

This is a share house type dormitory located on the Kakuma Campus, and is available for use by Japanese students and new incoming international students. 8 Students with various nationalities (including Japanese) share 1 unit of the share house.

  • Number of rooms: 78 (male 36; female 42)
  • Occupancy: Singles (8 students share 1 unit)

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Kanazawa International House (MORINOSATO KAIKAN)

This is located about 20 minutes on foot from the Kakuma Campus. Single rooms as well as double-occupancy rooms for married couples or friends are available.

  • Number of rooms: 34 (single 29; double 5)
  • Occupancy: Singles and doubles (like married couples)

  • Detailed Information →

           * This house will be closed in March, 2017.


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